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Read by the Author

Before you ever set down your words,
you could hear them in your head.

You know how they should sound.
You know what you want to communicate.
You may even be able to hear the voices of all of your characters.

Or you may have a unique voice that is perfect to communicate the words you have written.

If that's the case, perhaps you should be the voice of your own Audio Book.

At The Audio Book Studio, we have spent decades helping people communicate.
And we can help you bring your book to life with your own voice.

We can direct both professionals and non professional voices to achieve a performance that is worthy of the written words...including yours!

We'll create a comfortable environment where you can express yourself.
We'll make sure that your pronunciations are correct, and that you communicate in an engaging way that will capture the ear and the imagination of your listener.

To make your Audio Book "Read by the Author" all that it can be.

We can even include music and sound effects, when desired and when appropriate.

Our helpful tips, coaching and expertise are all part of the professional Audio Book Recording and Production service here at The Audio Book

But keep in mind... Good writers are not always the best voices to bring those words to life. 
And your book may be written in "a voice" other than your own.

There are professionals who spend their lives bringing the words of others to life.
And we can help you with that too.

Click here to find out about having your book "Read by Professional Voice Actors."

Call (281)300-8515 for details.

The Audio Book Studio
2615 Sailboat Drive
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