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When you write, you envision.

You can hear the characters speak.

You envision the action.

You can already see it.

But while you excel at the written word, you may or may not be the best one to make those words jump off of the page ... and come alive.

We are.

The Audio Book Studio was founded to put all the tools for creating a professional Audio Book at your fingertips.  Recording, Talent Selection, Editing, Directing, Enhancing.  We are your Audio Book Production Partner.  Plus we have some connections with the leading Audio Book Publishers in the World.

We are experts in understanding what you've written ... and making it literally "Come to Life."

Consider this:
"When the writer writes, she turns Blood into Ink. 
At The Audio Book Studio, we turn that ink, back into Blood."

You may be reminded of the famous movie scene where Dr. Frankenstein is overcome with emotion to scream "It's Alive!  It's ALIVE!"

To bring your text to life, call The Audio Book Studio. Or email us now at

We can help you make your "Read by the Author" Audio Book the best it can be.

We have the insight, the technical skill, the stamina, and expressiveness to animate your words,
Our Professional Readers create in the listener's imagination a "Theater of the Mind" that is the closest you can get to giving your reader/listener the vision you had in YOUR mind, when you gave birth to your story.

Call now and take a small step that could lead you to a bright future.   281 300-8515

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